August 5, 2014

Matt Motzel is spending his summer between freshman and sophomore year at the University of Illinois as an intern to assist with project engineering at Principle Construction.  Matt is majoring in civil engineering at the school and is developing skills in teamwork and leadership while at Principle.

Matt’s favorite part of being a summer intern is learning skills that he will use for the rest of his life under people with so much experience.

“I’m learning how to deal with certain situations to keep the customers as well as Principle happy,” Matt says.  “I love being able to look at something and seeing how the company or I can improve it or make it better rather than just giving it the ‘OK.'”

Matt also enjoys going to lunch at Wendy’s. When he’s not working, he loves playing basketball. He is also involved in community service, serving as a mentor at St. Peter and Paul Church in McHenry.