May 19, 2015

(ROSEMONT, Illinois)- James A. Brucato and Mark E. Augustyn, owners of Principle Construction Corp., are pleased to announce that they have moved their headquarters from its previous space in Bannockburn to Rosemont’s Columbia Center II, 9450 West Bryn Mawr Avenue, Suite 765 in Rosemont, Illinois.

“There are a number of locations that we considered for our corporate headquarters, which needed to address accessibility to markets we serve, customer convenience, employee amenities, availability, and proximity to public transportation,” said Mr. Augustyn. “Columbia Center II hit the bull’s-eye on all our criteria’s. We are looking forward to how this location can help us grow our services.”

Principle liked the building’s central location, which will allow it to continue to serve its variety of clients with the same high level of service. The company’s web address , phone number (847-615-1515) and email addresses will remain the same.

“Our post-recession growth has been phenomenal and we are designing and constructing larger more complex projects all over the Chicago metro area. No longer are we perceived as the “north Lake County contractor’,” Mr. Brucato said. “As we continue to grow our company into a highly respected mid-sized Chicago design-builder we feel it is strategically necessary to move our headquarters office to a more central location to attract the highest level of talent.”

“Additionally many of our Real Estate clients are located here so Rosemont made a great deal of sense for us from both perspectives,” explains Mr. Brucato. “The larger space will accommodate our growth projections for the next five years and we are excited to create a space that attracts talented professionals and inspires the creative energy we thrive on here at Principle.”

Rosemont Move